a. Details of land & Building at the Institute:

(Note:  Dimensions on the Drawings prepared by registered architect and Workshop & Class-room Areas  Should be in meter )


1.Total accommodation (sq. meters) required as per NCVT norms for the whole Institute (Covered area): 506 Sq. mtr


2.Actual accommodation (covered Area) available (Sq. Meters):644.22 Sq. mtr


3.Total land area provided for the Institute:1234.40 Sq. mtr


4.Whether own or rented building (enclose proof of ownership/ lease deed):Rented 


5.Date of occupation 01/06/2017


6.Duration of Lease ( Enclose lease / ownership document) 10 Years


7.Date of expiry of lease: 31/05/2031


8.Whether attested copy of site plan and lay-out of the entire institute attached: Yes


9.Name and registration no. of the Architect who prepared

& signed on the layout N I Nalaband CKD/BL/10204-21-22


10.Area available in the institute for Office & Other facilities: 


Principal Office: 25.11 sq mts

Staff Room : 27.14 sq mts

IT Lab : 54 sq mts

Engineering Drawing Hall : 78.96 sq mts

Play Ground & Sports facilities (Indoor & Outdoor) : 200 sq mts


Electrician : 115.7 sq mts

Fitter  : 113 sq mts

Smartphone technician

cum app testing: 42.3 sq mts

Remotely piloted aircraft(RPA)/

Drone pilot: 37.7 sq mts

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